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For 15 years, Painting Plus has been meeting the painting and coating needs of businesses in Tulsa OK and beyond. When you drive through any part of Oklahoma, you will probably see some of our handiwork on display. You can find our projects in every part of town. From banks to hospitals, we keep buildings looking their best. Our goal is to give commercial and industrial sites a clean, professional appearance inside and out.


The Benefits of a Professional Painting Service

Commercial painting is a different kind of skill than brushing a coat of paint in your living room. Just about anyone can go to the hardware store and pick up some latex paint and a couple of brushes. You might tackle a whole room in a single weekend. That experience could tempt you to try and take on a painting job at your office or business. If you try it, you will quickly discover that this is a challenging task.

Commercial painting contractors like us take a different approach. The projects we work on are larger and more complex. We have the equipment and skills to be detail-oriented, giving you complete coverage and clean lines. Our expert painters will handle any surface on the interior or exterior of your building.

The end result of our efforts is a workplace that gives a strong impression of professionalism to potential clients. You may not think too much about a well-painted wall. However, your clients will notice if your site looks rundown with peeling paint and rust spots. A fresh paint job carried out by expert commercial painters will give you a leg up on your competitors.

Paint also offers a level of protection to your equipment. When you paint your facility, you are shielding your metal machinery from rust, extending its useful life. A paint job is a small investment for the added defense against the elements.

A Complete Knowledge of Paints and Painting Techniques

Choosing the right paint is more than a matter of picking a color. Different types of paint are formulated for different surfaces. While latex may be the perfect paint for office painters working on indoor drywall, oil-based paint is better suited for metal equipment. The paint we use on the exterior of a metal warehouse is different than what we would use on a wooden structure. When you work with us, you will get the benefit of our full knowledge of paint chemistry.

Before we apply a single stroke of a brush, we will evaluate your location to determine the best paints and techniques for the job. While we still use brushes and rollers, we also use a variety of spray techniques that provide an even coat in a few seconds. No matter what surface you need covered, we can paint it the right way the first time.

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Dedicated to Workplace Safety

After years of working with Oklahoma businesses, we understand the importance of a safe workplace. With a full paint project, our staff of commercial building painters will need to go into every corner of your facility. We make certain that each member of our painting staff is fully insured and vetted. We know all of our employees well and only work with people we trust. As a result, you can trust that our painting staff members know their business and will have respect for your place of business. Our knowledgeable crew can explain every aspect of their work, and they will always keep you informed of where they will be working at your facility.

A Commercial Painting Partner Who Works with You

One of the challenges of commercial painting is that every facility is different. There may be several different kinds of surfaces that require paint. There can be spaces that are challenging to reach with traditional methods. One of the reasons that we survey your property before we start painting is to make certain that we have the right equipment to access every nook and cranny of your location. Our company has painted many kinds of industrial and commercial sites, each with its own unique requirements. Some of our projects include


Retail stores
Movie theaters
Industrial sites and factories
Warehouses and other storage facilities


Commercial painting contractors must begin with a comprehensive plan. We understand that you want a successful painting project that does not disrupt your business. If you have to stop manufacturing so we can do our job, it makes the task more expensive due to lost revenue. We will work with you to determine a schedule that minimizes any interruptions. As much as possible, we will avoid shutting down mission-critical parts of your facility. We have both flexible weekday schedules and weekend schedules that allow us to get the job done while keeping your employees at work.

Taking Pride in a Job Well Done

At Painting Plus, we enjoy seeing our work on display throughout Oklahoma. A great paint job takes knowledge, skill and patience. You may just see a well-painted wall, but to us, it is a matter of pride. If there is a problem with one of our projects, we pledge to make it right.

From our headquarters at Tulsa OK and beyond, we are ready to give you the professional look you have always wanted. Whether it is an outdoor structure, an upscale restaurant, a busy factory or a local office, we will keep it looking clean and beautiful. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

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