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With more than 30 years of experience in interior house painting and home remodeling, our team has what it takes to help you transform your dreams into a reality. Our proven track record includes hundreds and thousands of happy, satisfied customers throughout Tulsa OK. Whether you need help with an exterior or interior project, our professional tradesman will get the job done for you.

How Interior Painting Works

Our team of interior house painters can help you with large and small projects. When you get the interior painting done on your home, it helps you improve your property's value. A new coat of paint instantly adds to your visual appeal and makes your home look years newer than it did before.

In addition, paint can help you protect your walls from damage like scratches and dents. All you have to do is pick out the colors you want and what you want to be painted. Then, our team can help you determine the best kind of paint and equipment for the project.

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The Advantages of Working With Us

Painting Plus has a reputation for delivering high-quality results with each home. With three decades of experience, we have learned what it takes to deliver superior satisfaction for every project. In addition, our exceptional experience means you get the right paint and materials each time.

Everyone has heard horror stories about slow, lazy contractors before. When you hire a contractor, you cannot afford to have your home in disarray for weeks or months at a time. We completely agree with you. Our team of interior house painters shows up on time and works hard throughout the day to finish your project. Because of this, we are known for finishing each project on time or early.

In addition to sticking to deadlines, we also make sure our team offers cost-effective services. We finish each project for the same or less than the budgeted amount. By working with us, you will always know exactly what you have to pay because we give you an interior house painter quote and stick to it.

We want to make sure our clients know exactly what to expect, so we carefully walk them through the entire process. One of our team members will sit down with you to review your needs and what you hope to accomplish. Then, we will discuss the ways we can help so that you can make an informed decision.

By painting your home, you can protect it from hidden dangers. Many people do not realize how dangerous moisture is for the interior of their rooms. Over time, moisture can seep into your walls and ceilings. This moisture allows mold to grow, which damages your walls and the structural integrity of your entire home.

When you get your home painted, it helps to lock out moisture. If you can keep moisture out of your walls and building materials, you can prevent mold from damaging your home. Plus, you can instantly improve the visual appeal of your rooms.

What You Can Expect From the Process

Our goal is to make the entire process as easy as possible. Initially, we show up at your house to give you an interior house painter quote. We will discuss what you want and our recommendations. Once we have finalized the plans for your project, we can get started.

After you have hired our painters, we will immediately begin preparing the site. We will get the paint you need and clean your walls. If any repair work needs to be done, we will patch or replace the problem areas before we start painting. After we are done painting, we will let the area dry completely before we do a final inspection of the project.

Why So Many Clients Use Our Company for Painting Projects

Some people see the upfront cost of getting interior house painting and think that hiring a professional will cost them more money than doing the project on their own. In reality, a professional painter will probably be able to save you money. When you hire our painters, you do not have to invest in expensive equipment or the latest devices. We have all of the tools and materials you need. With our modern approach, you get the best quality of work at prices you can afford.

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You Can Avoid the Hassle of Doing It Yourself

You have a busy life. After a long day at work, you deserve to spend time with your family and friends. When you hire house painters, you do not have to waste your time doing a home improvement project. Our painters help you avoid the stress and hassle of tackling a large painting job.

Over the years, we have seen many clients try to handle major projects on their own. Unfortunately, these do-it-yourself (DIY) projects rarely work out the way they were intended to. Often, clients have to hire our painters to finish the job after they have already tried to do it on their own. Instead of wasting your energy and money, you can hire our team in the first place.

Discover a More Beautiful Home

All of our interior house painters are fully insured. We thoroughly vet all of our painters, so you can enjoy having the best quality of work with every project.

When you hire our team for interior house painting, we will immediately come to your location and evaluate your site. Then, we can give you a professional quote for all of your renovation plans. Through our team of professional tradesmen, you can get the job done on time and on budget.

Our staff members specialize in all types of interior residential painting. They have a familiarity with all of the latest equipment, paints, techniques and materials. Because of this, our painters can deliver customer services to our clients that are second to none. All of our painters must be vetted before they can even go to a painting site.

If you want high-quality work on time and on budget, Painting Plus can help. Whether you are looking for “painters near me” or just want advice on a project, our team is here to help. To find out how we can help your property look its best, call us today for more information.

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